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2020 Registration - Friday, January 3, 2020

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Interested in becoming an Umpire for Barnstable Little League?

Please read below to find out how!


Barnstable LL 2020 Umpires


I am excited to announce that the 2020 Barnstable LL season is fast approaching!  We had a very successful 2019, teams are picked for 2020, and we will need umpires to help facilitate what appears to be another great season!  Last year a great umpire, trainer, mentor, and friend facilitated our training.  Ron Musk will not be with us this year.  I will be handling the classroom and field training.  There will be a few changes this year because I would like to get umpires more games.  As of now, I do not know which Major’s umpires are returning so I do not know how many slots will be backfilled.  I am opening the training to 13YO’s and up that includes ANY adults who would like to work games.  We will no longer be using umpires to work the scoreboard.  That position will become a volunteer position until playoffs start.  


Training will be at the Barnstable Police Station on February 25, 26, and 27 from 6-9 PM.  There will be no exceptions!  Training will consist of one day of rules training, one day of field position training, and on the last day there will be an exam.  There will also be at least one day of field training.  This will most likely be held at Barnstable High School.  The final selection of umpires will be based on the culmination of attendance, classroom participation and understanding, test results, and field training.  Last year I attended many games and worked with umpires on the field that will continue this year.


Last year we supplied shirts and hats for all minor league umpires and uniforms for major league umpires.  We will still be providing hats and shirts but no uniforms.  The minor league umpires will get hats and shirts and they can wear khaki pants.  There will be no shorts or elastic waist pants.  The umpires will always have on a belt!  Umpires will always show up with an athletic supporter and a cup in case they need to be a plate umpire.  The major league umpires will continue to wear red shirts and their grey pants.  This year umpires at the majors will be integrated into working the plate (only on games where I am working).


Please consider working with us as a Barnstable LL 2020 Umpire!  It’s a great learning experience and can be a continued source of fun and money for years to come!


Thank you,


Jon Bisceglia



Where: Barnstable Police Station

When: February 25, 26, and 27 From 6-9 PM


Training material will be sent out ahead of time. So that umpires can take a look at it and be prepared to ask questions.  

BLL February Baseball Clinic with the Red Raiders

February 18 & 19  1:00 - 3:00

Barnstable High School Field House

Train and play with Coach Fouracre & BHS Players

Free to all BLL REGISTERED 2020 players

To sign up, email players name, age, and a contact # to

Barnstable Little League

2020 Baseball Registration

Now Open Online

Follow the Registration link to join now!

*Walk-In Registration: March 1 @ HYCC 1:00-3:00*


Be part of the 2020 season!

Barnstable Little League’s programs welcomes and encourages inclusion of athletes, ages 7-12, of all abilities to learn , develop, and enjoy the sport of baseball.  From Junior Cape League, through Minors and Majors, and on to All-Stars for many - there is a full spectrum of offerings from basic fundamentals on up! There is a place for every kid in this program!

                  2020 Age Requirements and Registration Fees


Age Range (by DOB)


Majors (by draft)

Sept.2007-Aug. 2010 (10-12yr.olds drafted)



Sept.2007-Aug.2011 (9-12yr.olds remaining)


Jr. Cape League

Sept.2011-Aug.2013 (7-8 yr. olds)


    Green Monster League 5 - 6 yr. olds offered through Barn.Rec. 

* +$50 Volunteer Deposit. Refunded when obligation is met.


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Barnstable Little League

2020 Major League Tryouts

Thursday October 3rd @ Lorusso Fields

*10 year-olds @ 5:00

*11 year-olds @ 6:00

*12 year-olds @ 7:00

All players, returning and new, must attend tryouts.

*Arrive 15 minutes early and bring a birth certificate*

To be considered in the 2020 Majors draft, all players must attend.




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Fantastic sportsmanship, skills, hard work, and talent were displayed all season at all levels! 

Congratulations to all BLL Players and Coaches on a terrific season !


Want to see more?  The 11 year-old All-Stars will be playing @ Lorusso this Sunday 6/23 @ 6:00.

Come on out and support the team!

     Congratulations to the Barnstable 10 year-old All Stars!


Champions of the 2019 Falmouth Memorial Day Tournament







Practice with the Red Raiders was a Huge Success!

Thank you to Coach Fouracre and BHS players and staff !